I&#039m posting this a 2nd time to try and find the answer.<BR><BR>I am using aspMail and generating emails from my domain (webmaster@mysite.com) and my customers (customer@domain.com) and sending them to my customer&#039s customer&#039s. i am generating the email as such:<BR>to: customerscustomer@domain.com<BR>from: customer@domain.com<BR>using mysite.com to send the messages<BR><BR>(if the above makes any sense :) great, if not...)<BR>email sent to Hotmail email addresses are bouncing.<BR><BR>any suggestions?<BR>troy the asp boy<BR><BR>ps: if anyone knows where i can get more info on this type of question let me know. the serverobjects.com site just provides tech support for the actual workings of the component, not the results of it.<BR>