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    Is it possible to select from multiple tables of the same access database? I have tried to concatenate two select statements - but cannot get any results other than syntax and missing operator errors.<BR><BR>strQuery = "Select * FROM Table1 "<BR>strQuery = strQuery & "WHERE Table2=&#039" & Variable2 <BR>strQuery = strQuery & " ORDER BY variable2, "<BR>strQuery = strQuery & "Select * FROM Table2"

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    "Select a.* FROM Table1 a, Table2 b"<BR>strQuery = strQuery & "WHERE a.fieldx=b.fieldy"<BR>strQuery = strQuery &"b.field=" & Variable2 <BR>strQuery = strQuery & " ORDER BY field"<BR><BR><BR>fieldx and fieldy are primary and foreign key relationships<BR>

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    Dont know if the following works in Access but does in SQL and Oracle so I am sure it would with Access.<BR><BR>Select a.*,,b.age from Timesheet a, EmployeeDetails b where a.ID=2 and b.ID=2<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>D.

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