Hi There, <BR><BR>I have a problem including files dynaically in ASP. Take for example I have an ASP file [ called page-1 ] with ASP tags inside it. I would like to include the "FILE NAME [ page-1 ]" dynamically(at run time) in an include file using ASP or JSP. I can pass the "FILE NAME" into a variable like Dim filename = request.querystring("page-1"). Now I need the file page-1 to get executed. In other words I want to execute. This gives an error saying ASP does not recognise file "&#060;%=filename %&#062;". I can have the file executed dynamically using a different method(see the site http://www.learnasp.com/learn/includedynamic.asp). But the ASP tags inside the file page-1 does not get processed. Anybody has an idea how to do this..? Please let me know. <BR><BR>Thanks Sreedhar(sreedarr@yahoo.com)<BR> <BR>