Memo field loses formatting - need help!

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Thread: Memo field loses formatting - need help!

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    Default Memo field loses formatting - need help!

    I populated a memo field in an Access database with a three paragraph story. When I pull the story through ASP to be viewed, the paragraphs lose their formating and the spaces between them. It looks like one giant paragraph, instead of three. Is there a way to keep the formatting?

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    Default a few suggestions

    1) try server.htmlencode(varText) to have some things properly formatted<BR>2) you will probably need to replace the carriage returns with "<BR>". look at the source code and you will see that the carriage returns are still there. however they have no effect on the browser display is the key: extra spaces and carriage returns in the raw html code are ignored when displaying the information in the browser.<BR><BR>cheers<BR>troy the asp boy<BR>

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