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    I can´t pass an array from an ASP Page to a procedure of an ActiveX component (DLL).<BR><BR>If I pass it like this:<BR>myObj.myProc myArr()<BR><BR>It produces: <BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a0009&#039 <BR>Subscript out of range <BR><BR>And if I pass like this:<BR>myObj.myProc myArr<BR><BR>It Produces:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a000d&#039 <BR>Type mismatch: &#039myObj.myProc&#039<BR><BR>I have declared the procedure in Visual Basic this way:<BR>Public Sub myProc(ByRef myArr() As String)<BR>...<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Anybody can help me??

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    The VBS Array is a variant.<BR>myProc should recieve a variant.

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