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    Judy Kordus Guest

    Default ASP Pages won't finish loading

    When an asp page is viewed in the browser, the browser continues to load the page (load bar still moving) even though the information has been completely displayed. Hitting the Stop button causes the page to finish. This happens on all asp pages, not html pages. It only is happening on one server (tested same scripts on two others), so I think it&#039s a server setting, not a script problem.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    Are you sure that all the files necessary to build the display<BR>are present on that server? Some times image files that are<BR>missing will cause the browser to hang for a sec.<BR><BR>Check this out first before anything. I had the same problem once<BR>and it was an spacer image missing. I found it when I went<BR>to a becnhmarking tool then recorded a session looking for 404<BR>errors.

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    Thanks for your response. There are no missing images. I have many different files in many different directories on this server and the problem occurs 100% on .asp files. All files have differing scripts, images, text, etc. The problem is consistent with them all. I tested it with a file containing ONLY the following code: &#060;% response.write ("Hello World") %&#062; and I get the same results. <BR><BR>Judy

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