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    angie Guest

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    VBScript dateAdd function:<BR>8/17/99 DateAdd("yyyy","1",date) 8/17/00 <BR>8/17/99 DateAdd("m","1",date) 9/17/99 <BR>8/17/99 DateAdd("q","1",date) 11/17/99 <BR><BR>The date above is in the format month/day/year, but I want it in day/month/year. For example:<BR><BR>DateRequested is 5/8/99<BR>I want the next day, so it is : 6/8/99<BR>But if I use the dateAdd function DateAdd("d","1", DateRequested) will give me 5/9/99.<BR><BR>Is there a way to do it in the right format without having to write dateAdd("m","1",DateRequested)?????

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    Romayne Guest

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    I had the same problem, perhaps you could try this:-<BR><BR>Dim putdate<BR><BR>putdate=FormatDateTime(Date)<BR><BR >Then put &#039putdate&#039 where you want to show the date eg<BR>&#060;%=Response.write(&#039putdate&#039)%&# 062;<BR><BR>Okay

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