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Thread: Reorder on Screen via drag & drop - save to databa

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    I need to display a large table on the screen, allow users to re-order the table, then save the re-ordered table to the db. <BR><BR>Since the table can be quite large (200-500 rows), I would like to use some sort of drag & drop reordering scheme rather than up/down buttons. <BR> <BR>Can use ADO or RDS. ANY SUGGESTIONS? (thanks!)

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    The hard part is doing the drag & drop. You&#039ll have to do<BR>that via JavaScript, and it won&#039t be trivial. Probably a<BR>bunch of DHTML involved if you want to make it look pretty.<BR><BR>Do understand that JS doesn&#039t support D&D directly, so you have<BR>to simulate it using what is available.<BR><BR>Also, although it&#039s not too tough to change a screen display with<BR>MSIE, it&#039s much tougher with Netscape browsers. I assume you will be displaying the data in &#060;TABLE&#062;...&#060;TR&#062;&#060;TD&#062;.. .&#060;/TD&#062;&#060;/TR&#062;...&#060;/TABLE&#062; formats? <BR><BR>I suggest that you first work out the way to simply remove one line from a table and then the way to insert one line into that table and *THEN* try tackling a pretty drag & drop. And make it work cross-browser, if that is applicable to your situation. This won&#039t be easy, but it is possible.<BR><BR>Hint: The easiest way to do this cross-browser is to put the table in a separate frame and then use code in another frame (could even be an invisible frame) to completely redraw the table frame each time. This will work well in both MSIE and NS and avoids *LOTS* of problems.<BR><BR>Good luck. This is probably going to be a much bigger project than you anticipated.<BR><BR>

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