I have a statement that I am testing in access and will use ado from asp when i finalize it. My problems are setting default values for a column in access(main problem) and allowing zero length (secondary problem). I know that this can be done in design view when creating a table, but what if i am creating a table from asp?<BR>Here&#039s my statement so far:<BR>CREATE TABLE test<BR>(<BR>pr_num counter primary key,<BR>pr_date date NULL,<BR>comp_name text NULL ,<BR>comp_addr1 text NULL,<BR>comp_addr2 text NULL,<BR>cont_name text NULL,<BR>cont_info1 text NULL,<BR>cont_info2 text NULL,<BR>cont_info3 text NULL,<BR>cont_info4 text NULL,<BR>kcsacont_name text NULL,<BR>kcsacont_info1 text NULL,<BR>kcsacont_info2 text NULL,<BR>kcsacont_info3 text NULL,<BR>kcsacont_info4 text NULL,<BR>cont2_title text NULL,<BR>cont2_name text NULL,<BR>cont2_info1 text NULL,<BR>cont2_info2 text NULL,<BR>cont2_info3 text NULL,<BR>cont2_info4 text NULL,<BR>pr_title memo NULL,<BR>pr_subtitle memo NULL,<BR>pr_par1 memo NULL,<BR>pr_par2 memo NULL,<BR>pr_par3 memo NULL,<BR>pr_par4 memo NULL,<BR>small_type memo NULL,<BR>finan_title1 memo NULL,<BR>finan_title2 memo NULL,<BR>finan_highlights memo NULL,<BR>extra_statements memo NULL,<BR>table_name text NULL,<BR>stock_symbol text NULL <BR>)<BR><BR><BR>