We have a problem using RDS. In theory we want the client to be able to access a Web page, which in turn will use ASP to activate an MTS component on a local server. We want this component to talk to an MTS component on another server.<BR><BR>Our guess was to use RDS to get the first COM object to talk to the second COM object. We have had success with the first component calling the second component (via RDS), the second component calling a stored procedure and retrieving records in an ado recordset. The second component is intended to return an ado recordset to the first. We receive no errors in the second component.<BR><BR>However we get an error in the first component on the third line of the following code where we call the second component via RDS:<BR><BR> Set objRDS = CreateObject("RDS.DataSpace")<BR> Set MyOBJ = objRDS.CreateObject(strObjName, strServer)<BR> Set rs = MyOBJ.UseSP(strConn, strSPName)<BR><BR>This is the error:<BR><BR> Error #-2147287010<BR> Unexpected error. (0x8003001e)<BR><BR>Are we going about this right? Any help would be appreciated!