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    Is it possible to grab userid in Asp. I m developing a intranet site, everyone has to log on to system(computer) using standard window login. Is it possible to use the same login name on Intranet site or do i have to create a new login page??<BR><BR>N E help will b appreciated<BR><BR>Thanx in advance

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    We used NT challenge/reponse to take advantange of NT security within our site, which forced a user login to enter site. Here is a way to grab that user login using server variables:<BR><BR>&#060;%&#039Gets the authenticated login name from the browser.<BR>strAuthUser = Request.ServerVariables ("Logon_User")<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Her is an example of putting the variable in HTML.<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT style="display:none" id=txtUserName name=txtUserName value="&#060;%= Trim(UCase(strAuthUser)) %&#062;"&#062;

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