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    Chelsia Guest

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    I have some little problem with the javascript in NN4.<BR>I am working on a progress bar to show the progress of the convertion of a ASP page. However,the bar overlap the text I would like to show below the bar.<BR><BR>Also, after the convertion, I would like the ASP to show the convertion result and the progress bar disappears.<BR>I tried to use &#060;DIV&#062; or &#060;SPAN&#062;<BR>&#060;DIV id="myConvertionResult" style="display: none"&#062;<BR>They worked prefectly in IE but not NN<BR>I checked that NN stucked with &#039style="display: none" &#039<BR><BR>Is it CSS problem? or JavaScript? I have no clue.<BR>Do I need &#060;LAYER&#062;? but it seems that this is no working in IE.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated. Thanks<BR><BR>Chelsia<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    netscape 4.x is just a poor css renderer. think of another solution for it.

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