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    i want to count on every hyperlink and no. of time it has been clicked....

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    Hello,<BR><BR>Without going into line by line detail, this is what you would do:-<BR><BR>set up a database with the link data (URL, name, graphic image etc) and other fields you need such as time, date, count, referer etc.<BR><BR>Change you hyper links to link to<BR>where linkName matches some in your database<BR><BR>Write an asp script (eg newAsppage.asp) that takes a link request (?link=mylink) and finds it in the database. Add to that record any info you want (time, date, count etc) and then get from the record the url of the link.<BR><BR>Finally use response.redirect(theUrlFromMyData)to send your surfer to wherever they selected.<BR><BR>The only thing to note is that this ASP file should be just a raw script - i.e. it will not have any &#060;html&#062; or &#060;body&#062; tags as a response.redirect cannot happen after these.<BR><BR>Hope this theory helps.<BR><BR>DC

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