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    How can i resume the previously maintained sessions in an application even after the application is once disconnected and again connected?<BR><BR>Pls mail ur response to :<BR><BR>Thanks and Regards,<BR>Kiran

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    Session.timeout determins how long a session will last. As default it is set to 20 minutes, so after 20 minutes of no requests from the client the session will be killed off by the server. So if the users machine crashes or they go wandering to other pages they should still be able to come back to your site and expect there session to be active as long as they have not been away longer then the Session.Timeout<BR><BR>To keep session state IIS uses an ID in a cookie on the clients machine, this is matched to the ID on the server where all the session varible are stored. You could copy this by planting a cookie of your own or several cookies with your session varibles in them. Or in your global.asa file you could add some code to the On_SessionEnd sub that saves the session varibles to a database or textfile.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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