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    great forum you have here, I have a question that is not covered in either of my asp books... <BR><BR>basically I need to create a page where a user types in from and to dates in a textbox(i.e. (xx/xx/xxxx) and when submit is clicked will display only those records with the dates specified. I have tried many places to find this but no one knows how to do it. <BR><BR>could someone tell me where a tutorial is for this or actually send me the code that they have so i can see how it works?? thanks alot<BR>

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    Tim young man,<BR><BR>you&#039ll probably need an SQL book to do this any justice. Essentially, you need to read in the values through Request.Form then submit them to a stored procedure eg:<BR><BR>strSQL="EXEC MyProcedure @StartDate=" & Request.Form("StartDate") & ", @EndDate=" & Request.Form("EndDate")<BR>MyRs.Open=strSQL, MyConn<BR><BR>Then get your s.p to interpret those and put the correct range and content of results into your MyRs container.<BR><BR>Byeeeeeee

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