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    Papa Zito Guest

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    Me too.<BR><BR>I&#039m messing around with cookies to personalize a web site, and I can&#039t seem to get the buggers to work. As I understand it, you set up a cookie like this :<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("Cookie")("FirstName")=R equest.Form("FirstName")<BR>etc.<BR><BR>I put this in, then tried it and couldn&#039t find the silly cookie anywhere. The only explanations I could come up with were that I was writing the code wrong, or PWS doesn&#039t support them. What&#039s the deal?? :)

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    troy the asp boy Guest

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    i&#039m guessing you already check this :) but just in case...<BR>add some code before the response.cookies statement:<BR>dim tempFirstName<BR>tempFirstName = Request.Form("FirstName")<BR>response.write "the value of tempFirstName is -" & tempFirstName & "-<BR>"<BR><BR>this code should tell you if you are receiving a value in the FirstName field.<BR><BR>if you are then...<BR>Response.Write "the cookie value is -" & Request.Cookies("Cookie")("FirstName") & "-<BR>"<BR><BR>should tell you if the FirstName was saved in the cookie<BR><BR>troy the asp boy<BR>

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    Papa Zito Guest

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    Hmmmm... According to the page, it&#039s working. Where is the cookie on my machine then? I wanted to look at the file itself.

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    troy the asp boy Guest

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    i was afraid that was your question :)<BR><BR>On my Win98 PC they are located at C:WINDOWSCookies<BR>They are *.txt files so you could find them by doing a file search for new files that are *.txt and looking at the folder names/contents<BR><BR>troy the asp boy<BR><BR>

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