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    hopi Guest

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    I&#039m making changes in my asp scripts but these are not reflected at all in the browser!!! I purposely include all sorts of error but no chnages are being taken into account!<BR>What could be the mistake ? can anyone help please?<BR>I&#039ve ensured I&#039m referring to the correct files already.<BR>Tnanks a lot!

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    Simhan Guest

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    There seems to be three ways to tackle this problem. They are:<BR><BR>1) Check the size of the cache of your browser.<BR>2) Configure your website using the Internet Service Manager<BR> to set the cache size for your website (don&#039t use large values).<BR>3) use &#060;%@ Response.Expires = 0 %&#062; <BR> in your asp file. Remember, this must be first line of the script <BR> This prevents the browser from caching the files.

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    hopi Guest

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    sorry to be so blur but how to check the cache of my browser?and how much should I set it to?<BR>I&#039m trying to test the response.expires now...hopefully can get some changes!!:)<BR>thanks a lot!

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    hopi Guest

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    Hi...<BR>No changes noted after writing &#060;%response.Expires=0 %&#062;....<BR>I&#039ve gone to the internet options and delete files in temporary internet files....was that correct? how about the setting there?<BR><BR>Actually, I&#039m working with frames. Does that cause a problem?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot...!<BR>

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