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    John Beutler Guest

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    Here&#039s the deal. I need to be able to call a PERL function located on a UNIX box from either a COM component or a ASP script (written in VBScript) that is located on an NT box. Is this possible? I was thinking it might be like a API Declare statement, but I have no clue...any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>FYI - The conditions that I&#039ve outlined is how it HAS to be due to customer requirements. Their network/web site is split between UNIX and NT and this is the way it HAS to please don&#039t suggest just doing it all in either one or the other because I CAN&#039T!!!! Thanks again for any help offered!<BR><BR>John

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    SPG Guest

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    Write a CGI wrapper script for your bit of Perl and use the Windows INet object (it&#039s used in all web page rippers) to put your call into the CGI wrapper. Hopefully it doesn&#039t have to be entirely secure, but that&#039s my best guess @ this point in time.

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