How much RAM is needed for ASP on local intranet?

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Thread: How much RAM is needed for ASP on local intranet?

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    L. M. Kalb Guest

    Default How much RAM is needed for ASP on local intranet?

    Hi. How much RAM do I need on my computer to serve Access database-backed ASP pages at a decent speed? It currently has 64 MB RAM and 4 GB memory on hard drive (partitioned into 2 GB, 1.5 GB, and 500 MB). Access 2000 database-backed ASP pages will be served on my computer with PWS to other computers on a local intranet. The point of it is so that everyone in the lab can access the research database (on Access 2000) via ASP from their web browsers (I am using FrontPage to construct the web part). Unfortunately actually using it is very slow: the pages of database results load *very* slowly compared with, say, accessing anything on the internet outside via our ethernet connection. How much RAM do I need? The database is a few thousand KB and growing but will probably stay under 1 MB for the time being. <BR><BR>My boss is willing to upgrade the computer to 160 MB of RAM. Will this be enough? <BR><BR>Thank you very much for any insight/advice/suggestions you can offer. <BR><BR>L.M. Kalb<BR>

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    Extra RAM will help a little, but considering the size of your database, what you have is probably sufficient. Other things you can consider that might make your intranet seem slower could be<BR><BR>1. The processor speed of the server. (Obviously a Pentium 100 wouldn&#039t serve up the pages very quickly.)<BR>2. Is the computer just a server for the intranet, or is it also a workstation for an employee? (Making it a server only would improve the speed.)<BR>3. The fact that it is PWS and not IIS that&#039s serving the pages. (IIS is designed to serve up thousands of users, so it will be faster than PWS which is designed to serve considerably fewer. The sites you&#039re comparing yours to are most likely running on a more powerful webserver than PWS.)<BR>4. The efficiency of the ASP code.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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    troy the asp boy Guest

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    very good answers by clayton by the way.<BR><BR>as far as your ASP coding goes, how many records of data are you porting to your html (assuming) tables? would you consider breaking up the data into several pages and paging through the recordset at say...(insert number here) records per page? very long tables can take a long time to load and display, regardless of the web server.<BR><BR>troy the asp boy

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    L. M. Kalb Guest

    Default So far I'm bringing up less than one page of r

    To answer your question, so far I&#039m only bringing up less than one page of records in response to search requests (typically researchers are looking for one specific cell line that suits their needs), so bringing up multiple pages of records is only an issue when someone wants to see ALL the records. But since someone might want to bring up the whole database, it would make sense to break it up into separate pages as you suggest. Thank you for the recommendation (and thank you Clayton for all of your excellent points!).<BR><BR>L. M. Kalb

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