How much RAM is needed for ASP on local intranet?

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Thread: How much RAM is needed for ASP on local intranet?

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    L. M. Kalb Guest

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    Hi. How much RAM do I need on my computer to serve Access database-backed ASP pages at a decent speed? It currently has 64 MB RAM and 4 GB memory on hard drive (partitioned into 2 GB, 1.5 GB, and 500 MB). Access 2000 database-backed ASP pages will be served on my computer with PWS to other computers on a local intranet. The point of it is so that everyone in the lab can access the research database (on Access 2000) via ASP from their web browsers (I am using FrontPage to construct the web part). Unfortunately actually using it is very slow: the pages of database results load *very* slowly compared with, say, accessing anything on the internet outside via our ethernet connection. How much RAM do I need? The database is a few thousand KB and growing but will probably stay under 1 MB for the time being. <BR><BR>My boss is willing to upgrade the computer to 160 MB of RAM. Will this be enough? <BR><BR>Thank you very much for any insight/advice/suggestions you can offer. <BR><BR>L.M. Kalb<BR>

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    Ed Guest

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    As the old saying goes, "More is always better."<BR><BR>With ASP, the RAM issue is more of a server issue. For example, if I were running Windows 2000 I&#039d definately want more than 64 MB. Since you are using PWS and Win 9x (I assume), 64 MB should be plenty. Of course 160 MB would be better, but 64 MB should be enough.<BR><BR>Sorry, but there really is no hard and fast numbers... it all depends on load, what other programs you&#039re running, concurrent requests, etc. You really can only determine a good number by tryng a certain level out and doing performance monitoring.

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    I suspect that throwing RAM at the problem isn&#039t going to solve it (although 64Mb is pitiful for a server). PWS is only designed for development and testing (and it&#039s a bit limiting even for that) - MS definitely warn that running ASP under PWS is "sub-optimal", plus Access isn&#039t great either...<BR><BR>How many users have you got? How many *concurrent* users do you expect? What else is this machine doing? If you want more than a handful of concurrent users, or want to do much else on the machine at the same time you probably want to be looking at NT Server / IIS with AT LEAST 128Mb RAM and a fast drive.<BR><BR>To put it in perspective, I used to *develop* on a 450 MHz Pentium II box with 512Mb RAM and 2x 9.6 Gb UltraSCSI drives running NT Server 4 / IIS 4 and that ran pretty quickly.<BR><BR>Still, if the boss is willing to spring for 160Mb, the only possible answer is "YES" :-)<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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