Greetings;<BR><BR>i read somewhere that you can make an exe in VB6 that will <BR>1. do automatic and unattended execution of things using some sort of built in VB6 SCHEDULING TOOL and <BR><BR>2. and you can call/execute an ASP page that will run in IIS (as opposed to the OS) BY Implementing something called the INTERNET TRANSFER CONTROL.<BR><BR>QUESTIONS: <BR>I am relatively new to VB Components. <BR>1. Can someone please tell me where and how in my project I would both Access and Implement the Scheduler to run this asp page every day at 10 minute<BR>intervals.<BR>AND <BR>2. Can someone please tell me where and how I would cancel this operation since it doesn&#039t have a user interface ? or maybe i could make an asp page interface to this EXE Component to stop it. I could have an asp form that has a button when clicked sends the variable STOP or START.<BR><BR>3. can someone please explain where in VB6 I would FIND and how i would IMPLEMENT the Internet Transfer Control so that the ASP page though not running in a web browser will still run in IIS and have access to server objects like server and application <BR><BR>stephen<BR>