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    cryogen Guest

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    help.<BR>i have a framed page where a listbox changes the results displayed in the frames below.<BR>i want to encapsulate the output in the bottom frame into a flash<BR>file. is this possible??????<BR>thks<BR>cryogen<BR>

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    Ben Roy Guest

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    It should be, but you will have to use flash 4 if you want to do truly dynamic content in the bottom frame. For instance if you only have a few "bottom sections" and they don&#039t change often, you can just make flash movies for each and just call the right ones from the top frame. On the other hand, if you have 1000 records and you want to have the information for the corresponding records displayed in flash in the bottom frame based on selection from the top frame, you will have to use flash 4. Basically you make an asp page that contains the flash object, and build the tags that flash uses with ASP. When the flash component loads, it reads in the tags from the html it is embedded in. More or less. =) I typically don&#039t get to do a lot of this because we are usually limited by the client to flash 3.

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    cryogen Guest

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    thks for the info...i&#039ll give that a try.<BR>however, Macromedia tech support told my team today that you need to use Macromedia generator to "properly" embed flash and asp. Normally the database connection won&#039t werk they said.<BR>at ~$3800 USD for generator, i think we;ll just stick a pretty gif in the background! ;-)<BR>cryogen

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    I&#039d be pretty scetpical about that - I&#039ve certainly seen examples of ASP passing data into a flash 4 template. You probably won&#039t be able use some features or something, and you&#039ll have to hand-code it, but that&#039s no big deal, right?

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