Server overflow because of open task???

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Thread: Server overflow because of open task???

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    Oliver Lorch Guest

    Default Server overflow because of open task???

    Hi everybody,<BR>i am new in this forum and i haven&#039t read all the 25.000 articles so i hope the problem i have was not to often discussed :-)<BR><BR>My provider told me that they have problems with my asp-files. a task is opened that needs so much of the servers resources that the server will crash all 3-4 days.<BR><BR>i have not special applications running, i only use ADO connections to a simple access database.<BR><BR>Could it be possible, that an open database connection could cause this problem?<BR><BR>They told my that the task is called something like mdr.exe or mrd.exe. It very worrying because i have not such problems on my local NT server.<BR><BR>Does anybody have an idea about this problem? You can send email to<BR><BR>Thanks a lot by a very desillusioned asp-programmer :-((

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    If you open a connection make sure it&#039s closed at then<BR>end of the process. If you create an object using<BR>Server.Createobject then make sure you set it to nothing<BR>at the end of the process.<BR><BR>I checked for mrd.exe and found nothing.<BR>I checked for mdr.exe and found modemdoctor a modem util from<BR>1991. If that app is on the server then.. ****. But it would have<BR>nothing to do with an ASP unless it&#039s called somehow using a <BR>cmd object like ASPexec.<BR><BR>Have they tracked this problem using a app debugger or even <BR>performance monitor? If they don&#039t have some kind of hard data<BR>then they are just guessing, which is foolish at best. I would<BR>ask them about this. They might have you searching for no reason.<BR><BR><BR>hope this helps some :-)<BR><BR>- Ian S<BR><BR>

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    Oli Lorch Guest

    Default RE: Server overflow because of open task???

    Hello Ian,<BR>thanks a lot for answering so quickly ;-))<BR><BR>I will talk to them at once but i also will try to check all scripts of open connections.<BR><BR>So this will be a long evening in good old germany trying to find the error ... :-) <BR><BR>Bye <BR>Oli<BR><BR>

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