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    hai! I am using the following code(Java Script) to open a small window within the browser,but to disable the maximize,minimize and close buttons on the right that user hits the button on the window.<BR><BR>"TimeCount.asp",&#039tC w&#039,&#039width=200,height=200,top=10,left=800&# 039);<BR>Thanks for your help

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    hi,<BR><BR>first, your question is on the wrong messageboard. Nevermind. Do it again and you _will_ get shot ;)<BR><BR>To your question. <BR><BR>Indirect answer first: go get a look at <BR>for all your javascript related questions. <BR><BR>Direct answer:<BR><BR>try this:<BR><BR><BR>"TimeCount.asp",&#039tCw&#039,&#039wid th=200,height=200,top=10,left=800 titlebar=0&#039 );<BR><BR>Main thing here is you have to explicitly set the titlebar off, since the default = on.<BR><BR>This only works with socalled &#039signed scripts&#039, since hiding title bars is considered a security risk. Refer to the url above for info on signed scripts.<BR><BR><BR>Good luck<BR><BR>razor<BR><BR>

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