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    One of the ASP script running on our network is getting the error (code 0115). It says that the script cannot continue running. worst still after this error occured in that perticular script , every other script (with extension .asp)connected to the network gets the same error msg. Everybody keeps getting the same msg until we shut down & restart the server . As the error is unpredictable & difficult to trace its exact location , we had to shut down & restart the server time & again.<BR>Any help will be most appreciated.

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    Oh man,<BR>I never wish this error on anybody, this is got to be the worst error in the world. This error happend to me when I was initially developing a website. The site consisted of many arrays. It seemed that all these arrays caused some type of trappable error. So I had to redue the site by eliminating all the arrays and use Lookup Tables and txt files. It solved the problems and I&#039ve never seen it since. <BR><BR>Good luck.

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