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    Dylan Towns Guest

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    I am having a spot of bother with the old memory, and have scanned the site for hours, could somebody please remind me of the command to diplay the physical server path for a URL<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Franco Guest

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    Response.QueryString("URL") will give you the full address of the current page.<BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>F

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    tension Guest

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    You&#039re probably thinking of MapPath.<BR><BR>If you are trying to get the physical path of the current page being loaded, try:<BR>varFile = Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO")<BR>varPhysAdd ress = Server.MapPath(varFile)<BR><BR>If you want the path of any file, try:<BR>varPhysAddress = Server.MapPath(fileName)<BR><BR><BR>Is that what you wanted?<BR>-Laffit!

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