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    excuse me if i&#039m asking something too basic .....<BR><BR>i am about to create a form which has a typical header - detail fromat . It&#039s a books request form and user can request for more than 1 books in a form . <BR>so header will have info. like user name , date , dept etc . and detail block will have info. about books like price , authors etc. <BR><BR>how to do such a thing in asp ? all details should go at one go to the database . The table structure is also same like there are 2 tables storing info. about books and header info. <BR><BR>will i have 2 give a add button ? but that will insert a record each time directly into database ? <BR><BR>hope i&#039m clear <BR>please do help <BR>milind_dabhole@hotmail.com<BR><BR>

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    It sounds like you want a shopping cart application. Go to www.asp101.com they have a simple appliction there that you can download free<BR><BR>Good Luck

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