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    Mike Austin Guest

    Default Help anyone, Stuck!!!

    I declare at the top of the page &#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" RUNAT="Server"&#062;. It works fine on my machine at home, but when I upload it to the web server, I get the error: JScript compilation error<BR>expected &#039;&#039<BR>delete messagesFound<BR>-------^<BR><BR>this is on a delete statement -&#062; delete messagesFound<BR><BR>thank, I am really stumpped on this<BR>mike

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Hi Mike,<BR><BR>It&#039s possible that your host is running a different version of scripting than you are... look at your JScript.dll and ask your host what his/hers is.<BR><BR>What are you using the delete operator for?<BR><BR>R.

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    Mike Austin Guest

    Default I thought I was writing in javasrcipt

    I thought I was writing in javascript. I decared the language as javascript? Why do I get a microsoft jscript error?<BR>thanks mike

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    Ian Stallings Guest

    Default RE: I thought I was writing in javasrcipt

    Jscript is Microsoft&#039s version of ECMA scripting language,<BR>which is essentially Javascript. Javascript is the official name for<BR>the scripting language developed by netscape that is also<BR>based on ECMA script but adds other functionality.<BR><BR>So stick to the "official" ECMA script and you will be<BR>ok. It&#039s a big netscape vs MS issue. And the developers always<BR>suffer. <BR>

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