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    My site has a pretty lengthy registration (5 pages)<BR>Sometimes there will be 30-40 pieces of information given. <BR>My question concerns how I should hold this data. <BR>Should I keep it all in session variables? Are there any limits to a querystring?<BR>After each page, should I update the database or wait until the end when I have all the information?<BR>I&#039m just a bit confused and don&#039t want to start off on the wrong foot.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Howard Schwartz

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    QueryString is limited in many browsers, so it is not the best method if you have a lot of fields. Form-post can hold a large amount of data, and I don&#039t think their is a limit.<BR><BR>Session could probably do it, but if you are receiving many reg&#039s, then if may affect the performance of the server as it would need to take the full amount of memory for each user session. Sessions do timeout, so you would need to set the timelimit to give users sufficient time to fill out info before session expires.<BR><BR>I think that you should save the data in a temporary DB record, and just pass the ID from page to page. You could use any method to pass the ID. The main disadvantage is that you may need to periodically purge the database to remove any incomplete reg&#039s.<BR><BR>The next best method would be form-post. You would need to store the intermediate data in hidden form fields inside your form.

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