Hi,<BR> We recently upgraded windows NT server to<BR>windows 2000 and IIS 4.0 to IIS 5.0<BR><BR>We are using Visual Interdev for developing asp<BR>pages. After upgrading the server I created<BR>local project using root web in master mode.<BR>I made some changes in a asp page and try to save that file. I got the following error<BR>message:<BR>Cannot Update the file c:local_projectfoldernamefilename<BR>Server error: The folder "/foldername" is marked executable. You are not allowed to put files into an executable folder on this server. <BR><BR>I didn&#039t get this error on IIS 4.0 with Interdev.<BR><BR>when I click on "OK" on error message visual Interdev changing the read and execute<BR>permissions to none and it also gives anyone accessing<BR>the website an Access Forbidden message.<BR><BR>Any help on this problem is appriciated<BR>Thaks in Advance<BR>