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    Default IIS related confusion.

    Hi,<BR><BR>When I see the &#039Performance&#039 tab sheet of the property page of any site in the management console, I see a check box &#039HTTP keep Alives Enabled&#039 which is enabled by default.<BR><BR>This means that the connection between the client and the server is alive even after the time the request is made to the server from the client.<BR><BR>I always thought that, as the browser makes a HTTP request to the web server, once the request is made, there is no connection alive between the server and the client(and vice-versa).<BR><BR>This aspect is confusing me a lot as I have always understood that web based application development is based on HTTP and this is a protocol where every request to the server and the response from the server is a new request or response.<BR><BR>Any body who can throw more light on this?<BR> <BR>

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    I guess that it is usefull when you are working under SSL. The HTTPS: (SSL) protocol requires that the client and server exchange certificates to aknowledge each other and to start an encrypted communication session. This aknowledge procedure is kind of complex and time consumming, so keeping the conecction alive might save this time. But I am just guessing.<BR>

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