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    Battal Guest

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    Given a Session ID, is there a way to tell whether that session is active or not?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    fl1rt Guest

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    It looks to me as though the ASP community is in serious need of a session tutorial.<BR><BR>I store sessions in a DB accessed via the querystring, so not only is it easy to see if it&#039s active (within a set time-frame) but you can find out who they are, where they are (literally and on your site), who&#039s online, who&#039s logged in ...yawn...etc etc.<BR><BR>I now stay away from the session("") command, far too problematic, messy and limited.

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    I suppose that if you had somehow stored the sessionid from session that you were using in the previous page, then if you get the value of the sessionid in the current page then if the two don&#039t match you are no longer in the same session. <BR><BR>If you are trying to see if your session has timed-out, then before you access any session variable, you should check to see if it is blank. If you had set that variable on a previous page it should retain that value as long as the session is alive.

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