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    Jason Buck Guest

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    What is the best way to make input boxes or textareas ignore these little pests which bring up asp errors because they cause code parsing. I guess my question is how do I create dataentry fields for my user&#039s that will not be affected by the usage of &#039 or ", just like the 4guys thread post form.<BR><BR>Great Site. It has been a great help in the development of my ASP Skills.<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    When you get the input data, do<BR><BR>parseInput = replace(input, """", "&quot;")<BR>parseInput = replace(parseInput, "&#039", "&#039;")<BR><BR>before you do anything else with it. It shouldn&#039t mess you up then...

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    Geordie Guest

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    If you&#039re worried about &#039 or " stuffing up SQL Statements, you can weed them out with just a <BR><BR> strData = replace( strData, "&#039", "" )<BR> strData = replace( strData, """", "" )<BR><BR>- Hope that helps (?)

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