Not Authorized to view this page???? Pls hlp

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Thread: Not Authorized to view this page???? Pls hlp

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    fitse Guest

    Default Not Authorized to view this page???? Pls hlp

    I have a website running on my server. All the asp and html files are in one folder. When I copied this foler to another machine running the same IIS server and tried to load the pages, <BR>by typing http://beach8/test ...... beach8 is the name of the server and test is the folder name... I get an error saying "You are not authorized to view this page". But if I type in http://beach8/test/default.asp, it will load the default.asp page and from there I could navigate through the rest of the pages.<BR>I have been fighting with this for a while now so any suggestions?????<BR><BR>thanks...

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    Karl Guest

    Default RE: Not Authorized to view this page???? Pls hlp

    Not sure if you want to enable default documents or if you want to enable directory listing...But..from microsofot:<BR><BR>-In the Internet Service Manager (ISM), right-click the Web site, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu.<BR>-Click the Documents tab. <BR>-Verify that your default file is in the list of default documents, and that the Enable Default Document check box is selected. <BR><BR>^^^ the above will make it so that if you go to http://beach8/test/ then the default.asp/html/htm file will automatically be loaded.<BR><BR>as far as directory listing goes..I dunno. try searching for directory listing or directory browsing in the help files.<BR><BR><BR>--<BR>karl

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