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    Riley Guest

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    I hope someone might be able to help or steer me in the right direction. I&#039m attaching a SQL product database to an asp page using FP2K Database Results Wizard. When I select the standard search form (an empty box) it works fine. I enter a partial key into the box and search returns the correct data. However, I would like to use a drop down selection box that I populate to make it easier for the customer to make a selection if they don&#039t know what categories I have. The problem is, I can&#039t figure out how to make the selection and point that piece of data to the correct entry point of the existing search. The empty box type has &#060;%=Request"(CATDESC)"%&#062;. It seems like I need my selection to somehow get to the area inside the (). Sure sounds funny how I just explained it. Anyway, if anybody can give some help or advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Riley, Corpus Christi, TX.<BR>

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    Couldn&#039t understand what you want. Can you be a lil more descriptive.<BR><BR>

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    Riley Guest

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    Thanks for responding. I would like to add a drop down search box to my asp page that will perform a search on whatever I select from the drop down selections. It may be "Computers", "Networks"... You would then click "Go" and the search would automatically start and return results on my asp page. I am currently searching with an empty "Search" box where the user enters in the data for the search. However, I would like help them by preloading the selections. I&#039ve seen it on other web sites, but can&#039t seem to get mine to work. Thanks again. Riley, Corpus Christi, TX.

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