I have a table generated by a report from another program that returns the following details: <BR>Number Product Code<BR>001 00123<BR>002 00234<BR>003 01201<BR><BR>and a third column that I have created with heading Quantity that has a text box. <BR>I have made an array of ProductCode[i] that lists the Product Codes, and the Quantity text boxes are named Quantity[i], all on my ViewProducts.htm page. <BR>What I want to do is find out how to put ProductCode and Quantity values into corresponding array positions in the next page (ViewSelection.htm) when this is submitted based on whether the Quantity text field is populated. I have to send this information (ie ProductCode[0] and Quantity[0], ProductCode[23] and Quantity[23], etc) back to the other program as variables. Its Monday and my brain is starting to sizzle!!!<BR>Thanks for any suggestions!! <BR>&#060;a href="mailto:mslater@4glsol.com"&#062;my email&#060;/a&#062;