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    Alesk Guest

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    Is it possible to attach more than one file to an e-mail with CDO??<BR><BR>Alesk

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    yes, you can attach single or collection of attachment objects to email message. I think following statement should work. I am trying this my self but there is problem with our SMTP service. <BR>myCDO.AttachFile "file A", "file B"

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    Alesk Guest

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    ok, <BR> but you have to specify the source, and if you put a coma between each FILENAME, it will take the second file as the &#039Filename&#039...<BR><BR>Did it work when you tried it?<BR> Alesk

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    Alesk Guest

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    I finally figure it out.<BR><BR>you only have to do this, to send multiple attachments:<BR><BR>myCDO.AttachFile "file A"<BR>myCDO.AttachFile "file B"<BR><BR>It&#039s that simple. ;)<BR><BR>Alesk

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