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    TheSync Guest

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    I need to deal with a Single quote...<BR>I&#039am taking the info from a form field and putting it into a database... i need to do a replace operation on the field b4 i insert it into the database.. what is the correct syntax for this?<BR><BR>Replace(request.querystring("Comments "), "&#039", "????")<BR>what goes in the replace Location? I cant remember the exact syntax..<BR>thanks for all your help...<BR><BR>Wesley..<BR>

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    F78 Guest

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    Replace(Request.Form("MyFormFieldName"),chr(39),"& #39")<BR><BR>Where & #39 (no space obviously) is whatever you wish to replace it with, chr(39) being a single quote.<BR><BR>First value after the parenthesis and comma is what you wish to replace, the second is what the new value will be.

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    TheSync Guest

    Default Thanks already got it. RE: Dealing With Single Qu

    Thanks I figured it out shortly after.. I did it this was<BR>Replace(Request.querystring("MyFormField"), "&#039","&#039&#039")<BR>that did it for me...<BR>thanks anyway..<BR>

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