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    Hi all<BR><BR>We all know how to make our own search in asp to search data in our own database and present in our own ASP pages, right?<BR><BR>Now here is what i have to do?<BR>i have to use 10-15 search engines on the net based on the keywords put in through customers on my site and get them all that information back on my site..<BR><BR>So, I dont have a database, i only have ASP pages, in which a user types his keyword, i have to go to different search engines all over the world and get the search results form there but they have to be shown again in asp pages on my site and not on any other site as they are our company&#039s customers.<BR><BR>I think this is what is called a spider. And I dont have any idea how it works and what kind of code do i have to write.<BR><BR>Please let me know a similar piece of code or some site where this is being done...or somehwre where i can go on the net for such an example.<BR><BR><BR>Help soon.<BR>Regards<BR>

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    Spiders are scary things when you don&#039t know how they work. They&#039re actually quite easy however when you know how!<BR><BR>All you need to do, is submit an http request to the appropriate search engine with an http componant<BR>(such ASP HTTP from - I should be a sales guy for the Co., the number of times I mention them),<BR>search the result and remove the appropriate content with use of the REPLACE & INSTR commands, repeat this process as many times as is necessary.<BR><BR>It took me ages to learn this technology.<BR>I&#039ll help give you directions but not give you the whole source!<BR><BR>Advantages of such a system are that you can:-<BR><BR>* create your own metatag crawler<BR>* copy 3rd party content news/database content/etc<BR>* auto submit program to search engines<BR>* borken link analyser<BR>* metatag analysis<BR>* check for illegal/pornographic content<BR><BR>the list is endless...<BR>

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