I&#039m boning up on the FSO and am jazzed to see that this might be the answer to my problem. The problem is I need to maintain a photo album for my band&#039s www site. We take pictures at every show and want to get them posted to the site quickly. This can lead to massive amounts of html coding just to get the new shots into the album. What I would like to do is auto-generate the photo album based on the directory structure of the photos on the server. They are organized like this...<BR><BR>../photoalbum/Venue ABC - Date 123/image1..n.jpg<BR>../photoalbum/Venue DEF - Date 456/image1..n.jpg<BR><BR>So the ASP code that I can imagine (but can&#039t code for lack of knowledge) will walk the directory structure recursively and populate an array with the name of the venue, the date of the show, index of the photo, and full path to the image.<BR><BR>This array can then be used to generate a listing of the photos based on user selected (venue or date) values and then each photo image can be called up from that list.<BR><BR>Am I sane?<BR><BR>Clbe