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    Lance Guest

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    I would like to be able to control the flow of my users and limit their entry point and log then out if timeout expires. I there a way to tell what page each individual user is on. I have tried the following code. Only thing is everyone gets the error page when entering the site.<BR> if session("loginname")="" then<BR> response.redirect "errorpage.asp"<BR> end if<BR><BR>It would be cool if I could use:<BR> If session("loginname")="" then<BR> if not pagelocation = "default.asp" then<BR> response.redirect "errorpage.asp"<BR> end if<BR> end if <BR>Anyone have any ideas?

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    Nathen Grass Guest

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    One way to do this is to have a session variable set or write a cookie after a person has logged in. On all pages after that you would have a routine that checks the session variable or cookie to see if their Logon Status is true, if not then redirect them to the login page to login again. The routine will provide a single point of access to your site which would be your login page. All pages that you want protected would have the Login Status Check routine except for your login page.

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