ASP error while accessing the Oracle 7.3

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Thread: ASP error while accessing the Oracle 7.3

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    Gaurang gandhi Guest

    Default ASP error while accessing the Oracle 7.3

    I am facing a problem with accessing Oracle from ASP (Active Server Pages)<BR><BR>Following error message is displayed on execution of an ASP page<BR>-----------------Start of error message---------------<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 5 (Oracle73 Ver 2.5).<BR>/app1/app1_login.asp, line 6 <BR>-----------------End of error message---------------<BR>line no 6 actually makes a DSN based connection to the Oracle (v7.3) database through the SQL*Net.<BR>I can connect through SQL*Plus and 32-bit ODBC test. <BR><BR>I have tried the following <BR><BR>1. Reinstalling the Oracle ODBC drivers.<BR>2. Checked the connection through SQL*Plus and 32-bit ODBC Test. it connects.<BR>3. Re-creating the system DSN required to connect to Oracle DB.<BR>4. Installing MDAC 2.1 <BR>5. Re-creating the system DSN again and testing connection through SQL*Plus & 32-bit ODBC test(it connects). But does not connect through ASP<BR>7. Installing MDAC 2.5.<BR>8. Repeated step 5 But still does not connect through ASP but give the above error <BR>9. Created a system DSN using the Microsoft Oracle ODBC driver. But still does not connect.<BR>Can anyone help. Has anyone faced this error before. it does not seem to be listed on the Microsoft support site or the knowledge base. <BR>thanks

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    Vinoo Uttarkar Guest

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    I had also faced a similar problem, may not be exactly the same. Try to connect thru VB using the same code as you have in the ASP page.<BR><BR>For me it was the case of connection string not properly built.<BR><BR>Here in these type of errors the connection is properly established when you try with SQL plus, or do the ODBC test.<BR><BR>I strongly suspect some problem with the connection string. Check this in VB.<BR><BR>Well hope this would help you.<BR><BR>Bye<BR>

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    Gaurang Gandhi Guest

    Default RE: ASP error while accessing the Oracle 7.3

    We managed to get the fix on my problem. All it required to do was to just change the PATH environment variable, PVCS (Source Code Control) had been installed on my machine and for some reason trying to refer to required DLLs in the incorrect directories. Don&#039t ask me why but. Putting PVCS dir at the end of the search PATH did the trick. <BR>So in case any of you have faced the above problem can try and check this solution out. <BR>Cheers,<BR>

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