we have a database having 8 different tables where the coloumn names r same and data r different .there is 1 coloumn in each of the table by the name of gender ,now we want to retreive the info from all the table where gender = male by using only 1 query in sql7.0 and how to implement in asp. we r using recordsets to fetch the data from the database .<BR>i&#039ve tried using a query that is working in query anylizer :-<BR>(<BR>select distinct * from t1 where gender=&#039m&#039<BR>select distinct * from t2 where gender=&#039m&#039<BR>..........<BR>select distinct * from t8 where gender=&#039m&#039<BR>)<BR>this is working perfectly fine but how to call this query in asp using recordset.<BR>pls reply asap.<BR>