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    Pinho Guest

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    I&#039m trying to send e-mail using CDO, I already installed the SMTP component for IIS. When I try to create a new CDO object there is no problem, but when I try to use the object (in this case the only thing I try is: objCDO.To = "")<BR>I get an error: ActiveX component can&#039t create object .<BR><BR>Can anybody help me

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    Ed Guest

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    Show that snippet of code that generates the error (don&#039t dump the entire asp file here, just show us the block of code that isn&#039t working)

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    Pinho Guest

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    It doesn&#039t make any diference the line of code I put, any call to the object gives the same error:<BR><BR>ActiveX component can&#039t create object <BR><BR>I create the object using:<BR><BR>&#060;OBJECT RUNAT=server PROGID=CDONTS.NewMail id=objCDO&#062;<BR><BR>then I use the object with:<BR><BR>objCDO.To = ""<BR><BR>If I put <BR><BR>objCDo.From = ""<BR><BR>I get the same error. I&#039m tired of searching reasons for this error.

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    I am also having trouble with this CDO thang...but my problem is an error message that tells me "Permission denied" at this line in my ASP...<BR><BR>objCDO.Send<BR><BR>...what&#039s going on there?<BR>Sorry if this is unrelated, I just thought that since we were on the subject...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help...<BR>J<BR>

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