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    how do you make a virtual shopping cart and send the details to the customer via email when user clicks on the order/submit form?

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    To create shopping cart you should create setup two tables:<BR>. A master table (Carts), should stores each new cart. It should be indexed by an autoincrement field (eg: CartID), which would become the primary key. Other fields should include customer_id, Date, Status (to indicate if the was completed).<BR><BR>. Slave table (Cart_Items) to store each item in the cart. Each record should be linked to a cart record by the CartId. Other fields should include Qantity, Unit Cost, Size and any other details relevent details about the item.<BR><BR>So the two tables should be linked by one-to-many relationship. <BR><BR>To begin new cart you should add a record to [Carts], and retrieve the CartID. From then on you should pass the CartID to each page, until it is either aborted or completed. CartID could be past by Session, cookie, form-post, or querystring. Each has pros and cons.<BR><BR>When the customer indicates that he wants to take the cart to the ckeckout, you must then get his details and payment method.<BR><BR>When he has completed this information, you could email the invoice to him. To do this you would need use an email component. CDONTS, which is a standard component of IIS. Other popular components include SA-SMTPmail (Software Artisans - and w3 JMail (Dimac - Of course it would depend on what is provided by the ISP, but both sites above include detailed docs and downloads.

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    Thank you so much for the infos you supplied. I&#039m still doing my further research on it. Hopefully my shopping cart works in the future!

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