I&#039m having problems to use response.write after I used response.binarywrite, here is the issue:<BR>I let the users download a file from my page. To control this download (I need to delete the file after the user downloaded it) I wrote my own component, which is reading the file and passing it as a Variantarray of Bytes back to the ASP page. There I&#039m setting the content of the stream and sending this array through the respnse.binarywrite method to the user. <BR> <BR>obj.openfile(request.querystring("filename"))< BR>result = obj.read &#039Here I read from with component<BR>Response.ContentType = "application/ie-data" <BR>Response.BinaryWrite result <BR> <BR>when the user now clicks on my file, I actually call this ASP page and passing there the filename as a querystring parameter.<BR>But now comes the problem: I want to send something back to the user when the donwload (which means binarywrite) has ended. I can do something on the serverside, like deleting the file now, but I can&#039t write something back to the user. I tried just to make a response.write after the binarywrite, but it doesnt appear in the browser. I guess, once you are using the binarywrite you can&#039t write HTML anymore.<BR>Is that right or is there a way to let the user see something after the download has finished?<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Volker