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    hi,<BR>i have an include (actually 2, the 2nd is included in the 1st) file on all my asp page.<BR>the size of those include files is nearly 50 Ko !<BR>so...i wonder if ALL the 50 ko are called when the line "include" is done, or just the function i call in the scripts.<BR>if all is called, it&#039s a problem because i have 50 Ko loaded for only 10Ko used maybe, sometimes.<BR>have you got some tricks (it&#039s a very big site with a lot of sub and functions)?<BR>if not, it&#039s ok :-)<BR><BR>thank&#039s a lot !<BR>aska

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    From my understanding all 50kb would be loaded. It might be wise to break it up into multiple include files if you are noting a hit on performance on your Web site.

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    thank you Ed !

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