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    hi there,<BR>I have an ASP website that uses Session variables heavily to pass data among pages.<BR>My site has many sections.These sections do not use each other&#039s session variables.<BR><BR>Is there some way (method or procedure) that can be used to release these session variables?<BR>Essentially, destroy them so that they do not waste server resources.<BR><BR>Also, if a Session Variable is empty or contains "" how much resources does this occupy on the server.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>francis<BR>francis.chau@

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    Hi Francis<BR><BR>You can destroy objects by setting them to nothing.<BR><BR>e.g.<BR>set name="Francis"<BR>response.write name<BR>set name = nothing<BR><BR>This will destroy the name variable. It will still be available until COM does its cleanup of discarded objects.<BR><BR>

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