I am using vb dll&#039s called from ASP pages to do various<BR>functions. For example I have an input/output dll that does<BR>an update, read, delete to a db. The problem that I see is that<BR>for the dll to work consistently one has to go back to the login screen and start a new browser. This is an order entry system where the user maintains a session by entering line items and placing the order. (A security function monitors a session variable containing the user name and password. Once the refresh button is hit that resets the session variables and the user is kicked out of the order system.) <BR><BR>Once the order is placed the user is returned to the default page to enter more items. The vb dll fails the second time it is called to perform a task.<BR><BR>It appears something is holding onto the dll or is this a poorly designed? dll.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Dheyr