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    Priti P. Guest

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    I am last year MCA student and I am giving seminar is ASP<BR><BR>In my seminar i am including Objects and components<BR>It&#039s a 1hr seminar<BR>What else i can include in it<BR>Also<BR>I want to potential drawbacks of ASP

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    Senthilkumar Guest

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    Just Go through Asp six Builtin Objects and Explain about <BR>The components like Browsercapabilities,pagecounter,permissionchecker Etc.<BR>ASP Security Is the main Problem. For further Details Give a reply<BR>

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    Priti Guest

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    security in the sense? what should i explain in it ?<BR>Can i describe DNA ?

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    Senthilkumar Guest

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    Hai Prithi<BR>First of all DNA is Different from asp security issues.Windows<BR>dna is nothing but a application development model for windows<BR>Platform.It Helps to produce the robust,integrated internet<BR>Distributed applications.It Consists of Three issues called as<BR>Presentation layer,Middle Layer,Data Layer.Its Main Purpose<BR>is to relive the programmers from the complexity of producing<BR>Distributed applications.I will Tell You What Is the main<BR>Problem or complexity in my next response.Reply Me.<BR>Senthilkumar<BR>chennai<BR>

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    Senthilkumar Guest

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    I waited for your reply. But i have not received any reply. ok<BR>Problem 1 --Asp Is the inprocess server.Due to that if suppose<BR>the iis server get hang or get into some problem means then<BR>ASP will also get shutdown.If it is CGI means, it is the out process server so it won&#039t get affected if iis gets any problem.<BR>if you need more info mail me.<BR>If its Realy helpful then send me mail <BR>

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